Master Programs (UG)

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Life Sciences

Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (Grad School)


Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Sciences

Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology (Grad School)

Ecology and Evolution

Human Movement Sciences

Marine Biology

Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation (Grad School)

Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Sport Sciences


Criminal Law and Criminology

  • Global Criminal Law

International and European Law

  • Energy and Climate Law

European Law

  • European Economic Law

International Economic and Business Law

  • International Business Law

International and Comparative Private Law

  • International Commercial Law

International Law and the Law of 1 June € 2,006 1 June € 14,200
International Organizations

  • International Human Rights Law 1 year
  • Public International Law

Spatial Sciences

Cultural Geography

Economic Geography

Environmental and Infrastructure Planning

Population Studies

Spatial Sciences (Grad School)

Real Estate Studies

Arts & Humanities


  • Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
  • Prehistory and Protohistory of Northwest Europe
  • Archaeology (Grad School)

Arts and Culture

  • Art History (+ Curator Studies)
  • Arts, Culture and Media
  • History of Architecture and Town Planning
  • Cultural Leadership (Grad School)
  • Literary and Cultural Studies (Grad School)

Classics and Ancient Civilizations

  • Classics
  • Ancient History
  • Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Grad School)

Communication and Information

  • Digital Humanities
  • Information Science


  • History today
  • Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Grad School)
  • Modern History and International Relations (Grad School)

International Relations

  • East Asian Studies
  • European Integration
  • Global Governance
  • International Political Economy
  • International Relations and International Organization
  • International Security
  • International Humanitarian Action (NOHA)
  • Modern History and International Relations (Grad School)


  • Applied Linguistics
  • European Linguistics
  • Multilingualism
  • Language and Cognition (Grad School)

Literary Studies

  • English Literature and Culture
  • European Literatures and Cultures
  • Writing, Editing and Mediating
  • Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Grad School)
  • Literary and Cultural Studies (Grad School)

Media Studies

  • Journalism

Middle Eastern Studies

  • Middle Eastern Studies

North American Studies

  • American Studies

Theology and Religious Studies

  • Religion, Conflict and Globalisation
  • Religion and Cultural Heritage
  • Religion and Pluralism, Ancient & Modern
  • Theology and Religious Studies (Grad School)


  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy (Grad School)

Behavioural and Social Sciences

Behavioural and Social Sciences (Grad School)

Educational Sciences

  • Evidence-based Education

Pedagogical Sciences

  • Communication and Deafblindness
  • Ethics of Education: Philosophy, History and Law
  • Youth 0-21, Society and Policy


  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Clinical Forensic Psychology and Victimology
  • Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology and Psychophysiology
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Reflecting on Psychology
  • Talent Development and Creativity
  • Traffic Psychology and Sustained Mobility
  • Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology


  • Social Networks in a Sustainable Society

Science and Engineering

Applied Mathematics

Applied Physics

Artificial Intelligence


Chemical Engineering


Computing Science

Energy and Environmental Sciences

Human-Machine Communication

Industrial Engineering and Management


Nanoscience (Top Master)


Economics and Business

Business Administration

  • Change Management
  • Organizational & Management Control
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Innovation Management

Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies


Economics and Business (Gradschool)


Human Resource Management

International Business and Management

International Economics and Business

International Financial Management


Supply Chain Management

Technology and Operations Management

Requirements :

TOEFL 80 (internet based) / IELTS 6.0

*For Social Sciences , TOEFL 92 (internet based) / IELTS 6.5

Legalized Copy Grade List

Copy Passport

Motivation Letter

Curriculum Vitae

Legalized Copy Diploma